Thursday, March 24, 2011

McCormick Media Matters Revamped

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check out our new look and find new resources about grantmaking at McCormick Journalism.
You may have noticed a few changes on the McCormick Media Matters blog in the past weeks. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been working to update our blog to better communicate our program’s priorities and goals. Here are some new sections and stories you’ll see:

·     Program Strategy: In this section, you’ll find explainers on our program’s strategies and priorities to help you better understand McCormick Journalism before applying for a grant. You’ll also see occasional updates from Journalism Program Director Clark Bell, in his  “Director’s Notes” series, where he reflects upon pertinent journalism news and program happenings.

·     Deadlines: Here, you’ll find information about our processes, our deadlines, our fall board meetings and notable MF dates to clarify the grantmaking process. 

·     Spotlight: We will recognize exceptional work being done by our grantees and use creative means (i.e. maps, photo slide shows) to share what we’re seeing in the field.  We’ve also added an up-to-date resource section for teachers, students and journalists, to highlight opportunities, professional development, internship, upcoming events, etc.

·     Who We Are: Here, you’ll find relevant articles on the research, events and projects that the Journalism Program staff has its eyes on. You’ll also get a sneak peak into the culture of the McCormick Foundation and its journalism roots. 

We hope you like our new approach and welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. And remember, you can also find additional program information on our Facebook and Twitter

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