Thursday, February 11, 2010

Students, Administrators Discuss Free and Responsible Student News Media

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Student journalists and administrators stepped up the plate at the Protocol for Free and Responsible Student News Media conference held by the McCormick Freedom Project and the Illinois Press Foundation early this week at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.

The goal of the conference was to craft a protocol addressing the tensions inherent to scholastic journalism. Participants had discussions about the role of the First Amendment in student journalism, especially how both students and administrators can collaborate without compromising journalistic or pedagogical values. Approximately 50 student journalists, advisors, educators, school board members and journalism organization leaders were in attendance.

The need for the protocol was highlighted by student journalist Pam Selman, former editor, and Evan Ribot, former managing editor, of the Statesman student newspaper of Stevenson High School. They described how the school administrators forced them to censor articles that put the school in a negative light, compromising their journalistic rights. The Stevenson editors' resignation is a prime example of how students are being forced to give up their First Amendment rights as journalists because the administration doesn't approve of the stories they wanted to publish, no matter how newsworthy.

Participants also documented the conference on Twitter (using #studentnewsmedia). Check out a sampling of the vibrant conversation and be sure to check back throughout the year for follow-up discussions as the McCormick Freedom Project crafts the final protocol report.

  1. MIPA
    MIPAMSU Prior review is totally un-American, says David Cuillier, SPJ FOIA chair. #studentnewsmedia

  2. Candace PerkinsBowen
    candacepb Biggest slap in a student jlsts' face is to be considered "just" a student journalist. Admins need to be honest and open. #studentnewsmedia

  3. SPLC_org
    SPLC_org Thanks, McCormick Foundation (and some amazing students) for an inspiring 2 days at #studentnewsmedia conference; now comes the hard part.

  4. Jamie Loo
    jloo_mfp thanks to all the fantastic conference participants in Wheaton this week!Let's keep the discussion and links going at #studentnewsmedia

  1. Josh Moore
    joshrmoore Student journalists repeatedly say prior review is biggest hurdle to good #studentnewsmedia

  2. McCormick Journalism
    McCormickJrnlsm Discussing the legal aspect of censorship in #studentnewsmedia cases. What constitutes arbitrary censorship? Is it legal?
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