Friday, February 12, 2010

Student Journalism Programs Receive Funding From Dow Jones

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dow Jones Newspaper Fund gave $459,000 in grants for high school and college students and high school journalism teachers to support:
  • Multimedia training programs for professors;
  • Operation of six Centers for Editing Excellence and a business reporting training center for college students; 75 internships to college students for news; multimedia, sports editing and business reporting training;
  • Free circulation of Adviser Update to high school journalism teachers and reprinting other journalism teaching guides;
  • The National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year scholarships that award both the best journalism teachers and students; and
  • Summer High School Journalism Workshops and Workshops Writing and Photography Competitions

About the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc.
The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund is a nonprofit organization supported by the Dow Jones Foundation, Dow Jones and Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and other media companies. Its mission is to encourage high school and college students to pursue journalism careers by sponsoring workshops and providing internships.

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