Tuesday, October 6, 2009

National Security Journalism Fellowships

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Medill National Security Journalism Initiative (NSJI) at Northwestern University is inviting applications for three research fellowships. The goal of the six-month fellowships is to produce actionable research on topics of national security, defense and civil liberties that will inform journalistic practice and increase public engagement in these important topics.

The fellowships aim to raise the level of knowledge and expanding resources available to journalists, policy makers and the public concerning issues of national security. The type of research considered could be:
+ A project to raise awareness of civil liberties by examining possible reactions to a terrorist attack;
+ A program to give the public tools to track "real" costs of the fight against terrorism especially in the Department of Homeland Security;
+ A study to expose less familiar vulnerabilities in national security;
+ Creation of a forum for journalists and the public to share information on regional security issues and their impact on national security; or
+ Research to help track military disengagement from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fellows will be selected on the quality of their proposals; a demonstrated interest in print, broadcast or online journalism; and a proven ability to complete detailed projects. However, applicants who have worked in other fields, including academic, non-governmental, technological and military service, are welcome. We prefer fellows to be in residence for most of their fellowship. Fellows also will mentor students and interact with educators and journalists through classes, Web-based learning and professional conferences.

Other specifics:
The fellowships each include a $45,000 stipend plus benefits for six months.
Some travel allowance and research costs are available.
Office space, computer, printer and telephone are provided.
The first fellowship will begin in the first half of 2010 and the other two start in 2011.

Applicants must submit the following postmarked by Dec 1, 2009 (note: deadline has been extended). A complete application includes:
1. A one-page summary of the proposed project and brief explanation of the need it would fill
2. Applicant’s resume/curriculum vitae

Applicants will receive a follow-up contact confirming receipt of the application.

In a two-step process, invitations will be sent to selected candidates by Feb. 1 asking for more details and letters of recommendation.

Please mail the required material to:
Timothy J. McNulty
Co-director, National Security Journalism Initiative
Medill School of Journalism
Northwestern University
1845 Sheridan Road
Evanston IL 60208

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