Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Alternative Owners

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It seems no media outlet is safe from the consolidation and economic changes hitting the biz, as Chicago's own Reader just got sold to Tampa-based Creative Loafing Inc., according to Editor & Publisher magazine. The city's well-known alternative weekly, with an average circulation of about 135,000, was founded back in 1971.

The paper - which was purchased along with the Washington City Paper- will join the collection of Creative Loafing, which owns alt weeklies in Tampa, Sarasota, Atlanta and Charlotte. For more, check out E&P's news brief:

Chicago media critic and blogger Michael Miner - reacting to the news - wrote that there's some apprehension at the Reader, with the thought that the paper won't continue the kind of "serious journalism the Reader is known for" under the new ownership. Writing in News Bites, Miner notes: "How the Reader will change, and how much it will change, are questions that preoccupy everyone concerned at the moment." (For more:

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