Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spotlight on Jamie McIntyre’s Military-Media Blog: Line of Departure

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Part of McCormick Media Matters' mission is to share sources of information with journalists that help them develop a thorough coverage of issues, including national security issues. Jamie McIntyre hosts’s Media and National Policy Journal blog, “Line of Departure,” that reports on military-media topics. As a veteran reporter from CNN and a voice in McCormick’s 2009 Military-Media Conference, McIntyre covers media coverage of the military, Pentagon security and the overseas war. “We’re really seeing an information revolution that has completely changed the way we do things,” McIntyre said in the McCormick report about the changing information landscape journalists face.

Military-Media Conferences: Since 1992, the McCormick Foundation has hosted a series of conferences at Cantigny that bring together journalists focused on national security with military top brass to discuss best practices and challenges. These off-the-record conferences on timely topics are a well-regarded contribution to coverage of national security. The 10th Military-Media conference was held in September 2009.

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