Thursday, December 3, 2009

McCormick Scholars Talk Shop with ABC Chicago Boss

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The newest class of McCormick Scholars convened yesterday for a tour of the Chicago Tribune newsroom and Tribune Interactive, followed by a House of Blues dinner with Emily Barr, president and general manager of ABC Chicago.

Scholars, Barr, Medill faculty (Mike Smith, Janice Castro) and McCormick Journalism staff exchanged thoughts and ideas on how to break into today's media job market (good attitude, strong work ethic), and chatted about the economic challenges facing newsrooms.

Scholars present included:

  • Alice Walton (Medill): From California, worked at an LA news agency, completing the new "experienced professional track" at Medill.
  • Michael Louis Vinson (Medill): From Atlanta, was recently marketing director at Steppenwolf; wants to create his own arts-oriented media company.
  • Ming Zhuang (Medill): From China, has specialized in hard news and has Washington bureau experience.
  • Bridget Jones (Kellogg): From Chicago, worked at Kannon Consulting and AOL, summer internship with a broadcast company in Switzerland.*
  • Taryn Goldman (Kellogg)" from New York, worked at NBC on, summer internship with Amazon Kindle in Seattle.
  • Marissa Mitchell (Medill): From Atlanta, broadcast experience in Atlanta, wants to start her own video production company in Chicago.
  • Annie Boyd (Medill): From Texas, broadcast experience in Dallas, wants to own her own television company.
  • Sachpreet Chandhoke (Medill): from Toronto, was a consultant for McKinsey; plans to enroll in Kellogg after Medill.
  • Tanveer I. Ali (Medill): From Detroit, has reporting experience at the Hartford Courant; wants to run his own newspaper.
The Scholars Program was created by the Foundation in 2005 in recognition of the McCormick Foundation's 50th anniversary. During the 10-year life of the program, graduate school scholarships will be awarded to 20 Kellogg media management students and 60 Medill students.

Visit the Medill Financial Aid Web site for more information on the program.

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