Thursday, September 11, 2008

Young Adults "Voting" For Less Bombardment In Election Coverage

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teens are avoiding online election coverage that provides too much detail and overwhelms them, according to a new study released by the Media Management Center (MMC) at Northwestern University, an MF grantee. Young people care about the 2008 election, but don't "want to spend much time following day-to-day developments," according to the Center.

The full qualitative study, "From 'Too Much' to 'Just Right': Engaging Millenials in Election News on the Web," examined the tastes of 89 diverse Chicago-area adults ages 17-22. The findings are online at:

This in-depth look at news consumption provides some valuable insights for capturing and engaging young people around election news. For one, "news organizations need to develop online election resources that are specifically designed to minimize this 'too much' sensation," according to Mike Smith, MMC executive director. For more tips, check out the full study.

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