Thursday, August 9, 2007

The City That 'NETworks'

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Community Media Workshop ( recently hosted a lively – and timely - Community Media Summit at Columbia College in downtown Chicago. The forum featured speakers such as media consultant Richard Somerset-Ward, Julia Stasch of the MacArthur Foundation and Sandy Close of New America Media. The provocative issues discussed included:

 What role can local media play in community life?

 What is the role of collaboration in community media?

 How will access to broadband affect community life?

The event highlighted the work of a number of community media leaders from groups throughout the Midwest such as Radio Arte, Grand Rapids Community Media Center, the Twin Cities Media Alliance and We the People Media. To see video segments from the summit click here.

The event featured release of the long-awaited report from the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Closing the Digital Divide, “The City That Networks: Transforming Society and Economy Through Digital Excellence.” To see it click here.

The Benton Foundation, a key sponsor of the summit, recently released a report “What’s Going On In Community Media?” To see it click here.

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